Benton, WI

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Village Services

Benton provides a variety of services to the community and to its residents. The following list of services includes information and contact numbers for each.

Emergency 911 Services


The Village now provides its police protection services. Dial 911 for all police emergencies. For non-emergency calls, contact the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department non-emergency number at 608.776.4870.

Residents who will be out of town for an extended period of time may take advantage of home security checks. Simply complete the Request for Security Check form and return to the the Village Office. Information provided will be accessed only by the Benton Police Department to provide service to Village of Benton residents.


The Benton Fire Department is part of the 911 emergency response system. The Department is dedicated to rapid, effective professional services. With a well-trained staff of 42 volunteer firefighters, the department provides fire services to Benton, Benton Township, and the New Diggings Township, an area covering 54 square miles and serving over 1900 residents.

Benton Fire Department

The Department is located on the corner of Main and Van Buren streets and is supported by the Village of Benton and by Benton and New Diggings’ Townships. All vehicles and fire-fighting apparatus are owned by the fire department. The Department recently purchased a 1999 rescue vehicle that served on Ground Zero during the September 11, 2001, tragedy in New York City. . Other vehicles in service include: a  2007 Freightliner pumper/tanker, 2000 brush truck, a 2000 First Responder vehicle, a ‘94 rescue vehicle, a ‘94 Freightliner pumper, and a ‘92 GMC tanker.

Benton’s fire chief is Nicholas Neis, a 20+year veteran of the department. Persons interested in becoming a member of Benton’s volunteer fire department may call Nicholas Neis at .


Rescue services in the Village are provided by the Benton First Responders and by the Hazel Green Area Ambulance Service. Dial 911 for all rescue emergencies.

Persons interested in becoming a First Responder may contact Chuck Voight at 608.732.6404. Those interested in becoming a member of the Hazel Green Area Ambulance Service may call 608.854.2953.

Public Works


Beverly Hitz, Village Clerk/Treasurer

Sonya Silvers, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

Village Office 608.759.3721

  • Jim Goffinet, Electric / General Maintenance
  • Ryan Carver, Water / Wastewater / General Maintenance
  • Eric Mowry, Parks / Streets / General Maintenance

Parks and Recreation Services

parkEquipBenton’s park pavilions and shelter houses are available for picnics, activities, and family gatherings. They may be reserved by contacting the Village Office at 608.759.3721.

New in 2009: New park equipment at swift park, thanks to a grant received from the Dubuque Racing Association and local donations of time and money.

Print the Village Park and Swift Park shelter rental form.


There is alternate-side parking in the Village between November first and April first. During those dates, residents should park on the odd-numbered side of the street on odd-numbered calendar days and on the even-numbered side of the street on even-numbered calendar days. (See associated ordinance.)

Utilities and Billing

The Village of Benton is a not-for-profit, municipally owned electric, water, and sewer utility. A service may be requested by calling the Village Office at 608.759.3721. Billing questions may be addressed to the Village Office. The Village is currently working with the Benton State Bank to provide online bill paying for all village-related bills. This service will be available for residents of Benton, regardless of where they do their banking.

Utility Bill Payment Options

In an effort to make paying your monthly utility bill more convenient, Benton Municipal Utilities offers a self-service payment option to its residential customers.

Online credit card or e-check payment-All you need to make an instant online payment is your Benton Municipal Utilities utility account number. There are two online bill payment provider options. The first is Official Payments at Begin by selecting “Local Payments.”  The second is Payment Service Network (PSN) at Begin by selecting “Start Your Payment.” PSN also allows customers to check their account balance online. Please note that a service fee does apply to make online payments. You can compare both options to determine which will suit you better.

Auto Pay/Direct Payment– You can have your utility bill automatically deducted from your bank account every month.  No fee applies. You can enroll by completing the Direct Payment Authorization form available below.

Garbage Pickup and
Recycling Services

Garbage pickup and recycling days in Benton are every Thursday. (If a holiday falls on a Thursday, pickups will be made on Saturday.) Garbage cans and recycle bins should be at curbside by 6:00 A.M. Weekly garbage pickup is for normal household refuse. Please do not exceed two 55 gallon cans or four 35 gallon cans a week. Weight limit is 50 lbs per can (must be able to be picked up by one person). If you have a large quantity of garbage, please arrange for a separate pickup with a vendor of your choice at your cost.

Recycling is a simple thing that each of us can do to help prevent useful material resources from being wasted, to help reduce the consumption of raw materials, and to help reduce the use of energy and its byproducts. Benton has been a recycling community for many, many years. Each household is provided a recycling bin. The bins remain the property of the Village and stay with the home when it changes ownership or rental. Additional bins are available for a charge. Contact the Village Office at 608.759.3721.

Print the Recycling Information brochure.

What May Be Recycled?
How Do I Prepare for Pickup?

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers, magazines, glossy advertisements, phonebooks, and computer printouts are all recyclable. Tie newspapers and magazines into bundles, or place them in the recycling bins provided. Please take measures to ensure that paper recyclables do not get wet; place them in plastic bags if bad weather is anticipated.


Office paper is recyclable and may be placed in the recycle container. Please take measures to keep the paper dry for pickup.


Corrugated cardboard, cardboard soda cartons, and cardboard beer cartons may be recycled. Pizza boxes are not recyclable. As with all paper products that are being recycled, please take measures to ensure that they do not get wet before pickup.


Only unbroken clear, brown, or green glass that contained a food or beverage will be accepted. Rinse clean, and remove lids, please. Labels do not have to be removed. Place glass in the approved recycling bin provided by the Village. Broken glass is NOT recyclable.


Recycle milk, soda, and detergent bottles, as well as plastics with a #1 through #5 and the #7 stamp on the bottom. Rinse the container and remove its cap. Flatten items to save room, and place them in the approved recycling bin or tie them into a bundle. (Note: clean oil jugs and oil bottles may be recycled.)


All aluminum products, tin and steel cans, and metal food containers may be recycled. Rinse cans clean, and remove their labels. Flatten cans to save space, and place them in the approved recycling container.

Waste Oil

Waste oil may be recycled if—and only if—the oil is placed in a plastic container that has a screw-on lid. NO oil-filled containers with snap-on lids will be accepted—even if they are secured with tape. Place the permitted oil container next to the recycling container at curbside on any regular pick-up day. Limit of up to 2 gallons a week.


Batteries can be recycled curbside along with other recyclables on Thursdays. Place in a cardboard box alongside your recycle container on any regular pick up day. Please contact the village to schedule pick up.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans can be recycled along with regular recyclables, but we encourage you to support our school by dropping off your cans at the bin located behind Benton High School.

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFL’s)

Can be recycled at Gasser’s Hardware in Hazel Green or Menard’s.

Plastic Grocery Bags

Many grocery stores including Wal-Mart and Thompson’s IGA in Cuba City have a collection point for recycling these bags.

Computer Print Cartridges

The Benton School District has a drop off for the print cartridges located in the Benton Elementary School Commons area.

Items NOT Recyclable

  • aerosol cans
  • aluminum foil
  • bottle caps
  • cardboard-sided juice cans
  • glass dishes
  • glue pads
  • light bulbs
  • mirrors
  • packaging pellets/peanuts/foam
  • paint cans
  • photographs
  • plastic bags
  • plastic cups
  • plastic medicine bottles
  • plastics that are considered “hard plastics” (furniture, toys, dishes, pails, etc.)
  • Pyrex glass
  • syringes (Syringes should be placed in what is called a “sharps’ container.” They should be disposed of properly and not put in the recycle bins.)
  • window glass

Yard Waste, Construction Material,
Furniture Items, and
Appliance Disposal

The Village offers pickup service for a variety of waste products and appliances. Please follow the guidelines below for the proper disposal of each.


Leaves are picked up once in the spring and once again in the fall. The pickup days are determined each season, and residents are notified of those dates. (Dates will also be announced in the “Keep Informed” section of the website.)

Please consider composting leaves and yard waste, or take them to the compost pile on Dump Road. A gate key is required to access the compost pile. Residents may sign out a key at the Village Office.

Grass Clippings

The Village does NOT pick up grass clippings; however, they may be taken to the compost pile provided on Dump Road. A gate key is required to access the compost pile and may be signed out at the Village Office.

Please consider composting grass clippings yourself, leaving them on your lawn, or finding someone who would like additional clippings for their compost piles.

Light Construction Waste
(Under Half Cubic Yard in Volume)

Construction and lumber waste (including a limited amount of brick) may be bundled or placed in a container and put at the curbside for pickup on regular garbage-pickup days. The waste must be under a half cubic yard in volume. Persons having waste over that amount must make special pickup arrangements either by calling the Village Office at 608.759.3721 or by calling Dittmer Recycling at 563.583.3381. (Note: There may be a charge to pick up waste over a half cubic yard in volume.)

Furniture/Large Items

For disposal of large furniture or items that require more than one person to lift, pickup will be provided the 1st Thursday of each month.  Please call the Village Office (608.759.3721) to schedule the pickup prior to placement at curb.

Items Needing Stickers
Prior to Pickup

The following items require stickers prior to being picked up for disposal. Stickers may be obtained at the Village Office during regular office hours: Tuesday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Anyone having a question may call the office at 608.759.3721.


Tires may be disposed of ONLY by obtaining a sticker from the Village Office. There is a $2.00 sticker cost per tire. Adhere the sticker to the tire, and place the tire next to your recyclables on any Thursday of the month. NO tires will be picked up without having the appropriate sticker.


Appliances may be disposed of ONLY by obtaining a sticker from the Village Office. The cost of a sticker is $5.00 per appliance. Place the stickered appliance at curbside on the 1st Thursday of each month. NO appliance will be picked up if it does not have the applicable sticker.

Electronics Recycling

Electronics are banned from Wisconsin landfills. Special pick ups are scheduled annually in August, during the village’s electronics recycling campaign. These dates & times are announced in the village’s quarterly newsletter prior to pick up. If you would like to dispose of electronic items in the interim, you must make your own arrangements.

Request a Service

A service may be requested by calling the Village Office at 608.759.3721 or by completing and submitting this service request form and emailing to