Benton Business Incubator

Grow Your Business in Benton

Benton is part of a business “incubation” support process that helps start-up businesses and industries. The Benton Business Incubator was created to nurture start-up companies and entrepreneurs and to help them make it through those first few critical years of business. The business incubator offers small and medium-sized start-up business offices, manufacturing, and warehouse space at low, affordable monthly rates. Additionally, the incubator provides a variety of business-assistance services and resources that are beneficial to successful growth.

The Benton Business Incubator is located on the west edge of Benton at 244 Ridge Avenue, just off State Highway 11. That location allows easy access for your customer base and for truck traffic to and from your industry. Major four-lane state highway systems are just minutes away.

A profile of the Benton Business Incubator is provided by clicking on the link BBI info (1)  Answers to frequently asked questions are also given. For additional information regarding how you can start and grow your business in the Benton Business Incubator, please contact Sonya Silvers at (608) 732-6196, or email us at [email protected].