Benton Businesses

Independent, locally-owned businesses are necessary to the economy of a community. Not only are Benton businesses a distinctive part of the character of Benton, but they also support our school, its athletic teams, and its extracurricular programs; they make donations to various clubs, organizations, and social groups; and they know the things that are important to our community and to the day-to-day lives of the people with whom they do business. Dollars spent locally help to boost the local tax base - a tax base that aids our school district and supports our municipal services.

Our businesses are vital to the success of Benton, please support them often.


Benton Businesses:

Business Name Address Phone Number
All-Star Powerwashing 72 Easy Street 608-778-6757
Becky's Daycare N Van Buren 608-732-0069
Benton Cutz & Colorz 244 Ridge Avenue 608-759-2841
Benton Feed & Farm Supply, Inc. 38 White Street 608-759-3861
Benton Mini Storage 134 Ridge Avenue 815-777-8902
Benton State Bank 42 W Main Street 608-759-3600
Blackbourn Pet Hospital, LLC 149 E Main Street 608-759-3404
Candid Touch Photography 244 Ridge Avenue 608-732-3422
Carver's Hardwood Flooring, LLC 152 S County J 608-732-7507
A & B Designs Salon 34 W Main Street 608-744-7570
CL Robbins 32 E Main Street 608-759-2931
DNS Manufacturing 244 Ridge Avenue 608-732-4414
Fawcett's Garage 346 3rd Avenue 608-759-6721
Felderman's Lawn & Garden 241 Ridge Avenue 608-778-8578
Fever River Fitness 184 Ridge Avenue 608-778-8211
Whitey's Bar & Grill 62 E Main Street 608-732-9574
J&S Mobile Blasting 175 Railroad Avenue 563-513-7603
Kelli's Place 67 E Main Street 563-581-7014
Langkamp Auto Body 280 Alma Street 608-759-5072
Lawrence's Outback, LLC 46 E Main Street 608-759-4000
McCarthy's Tavern 51 E Main Street 563-542-6840
Milestone Agency 244 Ridge Avenue 608-574-2947
Miller's 608 Guns/Hydro Dripping 77 E Main Street 563-451-3602
Mowry Brothers, LLC 38 Bean Street 608-759-2451
The Wellness Way 188 E Main Street 608-759-6152
Paw Prints on My Heart 11 E Main Street 608-732-2806
Lanez Custom Steel  75 Easy Street 608-574-5455
Sinnipee Smoke 575 E Main Street 563-239-0212
Spooky Pinball 50 Easy Street 815-541-0054
Sysko's Floor Sanding 101 White Street 608-759-3573
Thimbles and Threads 58 W Main Street 608-778-6459
Zephyr Depot, LLC 119 E Main Street-B 608-759-6281


If there is a business missing or a new business, feel free to email [email protected] with the business name, contact person, street address, phone number, and contact email. If you have further questions, call the Village Office at 608-759-3721.