Election Information

Voting Locations

Residents of the Village of Benton

Benton Business Incubator
244 Ridge Avenue

Residents of New Diggings Township

Leadmine Town Hall

26897 Aetna Road
Leadmine, WI

Residents of Benton Township

Benton Township Garage
455 Railroad Avenue

Residents of Hazel Green Township

Hazel Green Township Garage
3910 North Percival
Hazel Green, WI

Voter Registration

All voters in Wisconsin must be registered to vote. To check your registration or obtain the registration form, visit https://myvote.wi.gov/.

What do I need to register?

1. WI Driver’s License Number
If you have been issued a WI driver license and it is current and valid, you must provide the number and expiration date. If you have not been issued a WI driver license, you must provide either your WI DOT-issued ID number OR the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

2. Proof of Residence
You must provide a Proof of Residence Document when registering to vote in Wisconsin. A Proof of Residence Document is a document that proves where you live in Wisconsin.

How and when may I register to vote?

By Mail
To register by mail, download the Application for Voter Registration, or start your voter registration form online at https://myvote.wi.gov/. Complete the form, and mail it along with proof of residence to the address below.  If you are a first time voter in the State of Wisconsin, you can use any of the forms of proof of residence except a residential lease. The application must be postmarked no later than the 20th day (3rd Wednesday) before the election. Mail the completed form and proof of residence to:

Sonya Silvers, Village Clerk
244 Ridge Avenue
Benton, WI 53803

PLEASE NOTE: State and federal law now requires that all voters submitting a registration application by mail provide a copy of an acceptable identifying document that provides proof of residence. Acceptable forms of proof of residence are outlined on the second page of the Application for Voter Registration form. The copy of the form of proof of residence must be included when submitting the registration application. If a copy of proof of residence is not included, the elector will be required to supply it before being issued a ballot at the polling place or before being issued an absentee ballot in the municipal clerk’s office. *Forms with an expiration date must be valid on Election Day.

In Person
Register in the Village Clerk’s office up to 5:00 P.M. or the close of business (whichever is later) on the Friday before the election. You must always provide proof of residence.

At the Polling Place on Election Day
If you wish to register at your polling place, you must bring proof that you have lived at your present location for at least 28 days preceding the election. For purposes of voter registration, acceptable forms of proof of residence must include:

  • A current and complete name, including both the given and family name; and
  • A current and complete residential address, including a numbered street address if there is one, and the name of a municipality.

Village Board and School Board Candidates

Information regarding candidates running for the Village Board or for the Benton School Board will be posted on the “News & Notices” section of the website. Persons wishing to run for either board must take out papers during the month of December, prior to the April election.

Nomination papers for the Village Board are available at the Village Office at 244 Ridge Avenue.
Nomination papers for the School Board are available at the school’s office at 41 Alma Street.

Additional Voting and Election Information

Additional voting and election information may be found at the following online sources. (Please note: Information on these websites supersedes that found on the Village of Benton website.)