Forms & Permits

2023 Fee Schedule (Effective 1/19/2023)


Benton Municipal Utility Application (New Service)
(New renter or homeowner? Start here.)

Critical-Need Form
(If you or someone in your household has needs for which water and/or electric are critical to their health.)

Direct Payment Authorization
(Sign up for automatic payments today!)

Driveway Permit Application
(Before you modify/add to your driveway, ensure you are compliant.)

Disconnection Request Form
(For permanent or temporary utility disconnections.)

Employment Application
(Looking to work for us? Complete an Employment Application and submit along with your Resume to [email protected] or drop off at the Village Office)

Operators License
(Otherwise called "bartending" license. Application to serve malt beverages and intoxicating liquor.)

Park Shelter House Rental
(Family reunions, birthday parties, class reunions, etc.)

Semi Tractor Trailer Parking Permit

Sign Permit Application
(Before you install that new sign to advertise, submit this form.)

Village ATV Map
(Stay on the marked roads/trails, please.)

Village Zoning Permit
(Before you build, ensure you are compliant with zoning and building ordinances.)

Building Inspector Building Permit
(If your project is a new home build or has any electrical or plumbing work, a permit from the Building Inspector is required.)