Tax Assessment Cards

  1. Go to:
  2. Select the County (Lafayette)
  3. Once that’s selected, to the right of that you select the municipality.
  4. Right now you have to use the “Tax Key Number” field to search.
  5. The format for the parcel number is: 107.0001.0000.
  6. Once you type the number and search, it will pull up similarly numbered parcels so you can pull it from a list.
  7. Once you click on “View Detail” next to the parcel number you want to view, it will take you to a brief overview screen that contains the basic valuation information.
  8. In the upper right box, there is a “View Full Report” button which will take you to a page which says “Your report is ready, click here to view” If you click “here”, that will open a PDF file that includes the property picture, along with square footage, rooms and other public property info. People can print that page if they want a hard copy.